Technical Information

Technical Information

Why do we use galvanized steel?

Galvanized and Monolithic profile steel is used in our doors. This is an important detail, as the lamination on galvanized steel material ensures best adherence for polyurethane and paint applications (purity of DKP Carbon Steel and black steel sheet surface, being greasy and exposition possibility to corrosion). Also, it prevents the corrosion of the steel in the course of time due to the weather conditions. The basic rule to protect the steel against corrosion is to coat it with another metal which is zinc. When the steel is coated with molten zinc, during the chemical reaction, the zinc coversthe surface of the steel. Zinc, not only adheres on the surface of steel, such as paint, but becomes a part of the steel. For this reason, it is used in shipbuilding, automotive industry and the construction industry

Leaf precise cutting and sizing

High technology is used in the whole production and the processing and sizing process is processed on sensitive technological benches.

Specila nordson lamination system

We are coating special lamination on steel and we are able gain a wooden aspect without using wood, etc. in many of our lines (Hg, Silver, Classic and Monoblock series) they are laminated with special pvc coating for giving a wooden appearance in special lamination line. Coating gains a very high adherence, retention with special lamination, available only in Falez ÇelikKapı by using NordsonPolyurethane system, and provides an extrastrength against surface scratches. Also,it is the only product, without using wood, providing a wood appearance, that can be used for many years in areas exposed to outside weather conditions. The use of the same technique in Tuana series, especially in door frames, shows our differences in interior and exterior, in terms of coherence between the frame and door lea

CNC Punch system

All our operations are carried out on sensitive CNC benches

We use press 900 ton in surface modeling.

In surface modeling, the patterns of our one-piece steel plates are given in one piece and in one piece with a 900 ton press

Galvanized and monolithic profile steel is used in our doors.

.2mm monoblock galvanized steel is used on the front and back of your door leaf, and these two parts are joined together with high tonnage presses and a monoblock structure is obtained by combining them with each other.

Our door leaf inner filling is polyuretan

We are injecting the liquid polyurethane casting, our special chemical formulation,through automatic high pressure centrifugal casting system, into the door, and ossify it in density of 42 under our 300 tons of press. Due to the many advantages that will be described below, and as opposed to the other inner filling materials (glass wool, rock wool and foam), this adds a monobloc integrity and over 40 tons of strength on the surface of the door. It also prevents inner corrosion of the steel material and high acoustic and thermal insulation.

Membrane surface coating technology

Some MDF parts of our products are covered with special membrane surfaces using high technology. With this coating, it increases the color scale and gives an aesthetic appearance and a special texture.

Aluminum around the leaf

Our wings are covered with aluminum profiles.

Accessories and Mounting

After body manufacturing, the wings are made suitable for their series with carefully selected parts in the accessories section.

Frame cutting and sizing

cutting and sizing are done with precise and up-to-date CNC machines.

Frame bending process

Galvanized steel is bent in CNC abkant machines, After the bending process, it is taken to the 45 degree cutting and welding band.

Frame Gas weld

The joints of the cases where our blades are mounted are cut at 45 degrees and combined with argon welding.

We are using polyester texture powder paint

We use polyester texture electrostatic paint and the paint we use has a QUALICOAT certificate and florida passed 4 seasons tests. It has passed 5 years of UV resistance and 1000 hours of salt test.

Special non-welded adjustable hinge

The connection of the wings of our doors to the frame is made with a hinge system without welding.

Tuana Molding Assembly

Tuana Pervaz Montajı | Tuana Molding Assembly