Technical Information

Technical Information

Why do we use galvanized steel?

Galvanized and Monolithic profile steel is used in our doors. This is an important detail, as the lamination on galvanized steel material ensures best adherence for polyurethane and paint applications (purity of DKP Carbon Steel and black steel sheet surface, being greasy and exposition possibility to corrosion). Also, it prevents the corrosion of the steel in the course of time due to the weather conditions. The basic rule to protect the steel against corrosion is to coat it with another metal which is zinc. When the steel is coated with molten zinc, during the chemical reaction, the zinc coversthe surface of the steel. Zinc, not only adheres on the surface of steel, such as paint, but becomes a part of the steel. For this reason, it is used in ship building, automotive industry and the construction industry.

Precise leaf cutting and sizing

High technology is used in all production. The processing and sizing of steel is done on sensitive technological benches.

Exclusive Nordson Lamination System

Advantages of Nordson Polyurethane Lamination over Other Coatings and Paint Applications 1) Its difference with MDF and wood applications, which have a porous structure, since the lamination material coated is the steel,it doesn’t get wet and doesn’t leave off the coating from the surface. 2) Since the coatings on MDF and similar materials are of glue which reacts with heat, they will react again with the heat changes. While distortion, blistering occurs, as the reaction and incineration in Nordson Polyurethane lamination is finished, no problem occurs in temperature changes. For this reason, this technique is preferred to electrical appliances, external aluminum siding, PVC joinery etc. industries. 3) We use anodized aluminium profiles completely all around the shutter; The aluminum profiles rotating around the door leaf are our own design, those profiles ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance, in which the rivets or screws are hidden, where standards remain unchanged. Advantages over other door applications using strips of stainless or static painted material: 1) As stainless or static coated over steel materials are taken as a plate, cut and bent in metal processing machines, deflections in view and standard deviations occur. In our aluminum extrusion profile, an infinite number of same standard material and a superior appearance is obtained. 2) In aluminum extrusion profile, by hiding screws and rivets, an aesthetic appearance is obtained. In other applications, the screws or rivets of the plates are fixed from outside and stay visible at all times. During the application, deflection and collapses also occur. 3) In aluminium profiles, by creating gasket slots and containing seals and couplings in the slots, the gasket can be fixed better. In other applications, fixing can be applied only on the head gasket. This creates breakaway risk over time

CNC Punch system

All our operations are carried out on sensitive CNC benches. In this way, our products are produced with full calibration and error-free.

We use press 900 ton in surface modeling.

In surface modeling, the patterns of single piece steel plates are created at one time in a 900-ton press.

Galvanized and monolithic profile steel is used in our doors.

1.2 mm monoblock galvanized steel is used on the front and back of your door leaf, and these two parts are joined together with high tonnage presses and a monoblock structure is obtained by combining them with each other.

We use polyurthane for interior door filling

1- Polyurethane has a smooth foam structure, 90-95% of the cells in its structure are closed, This ensures that polyurethanes have excellent heat retention. It makes polyurethane the best known insulating material in the world. Thermal conductivity coefficient are the lowest foams (ƛ = 0.0023 Watt / Kh). In addition, polyurethanes provide sound insulation up to 50 decibels. 2- Polyurethanes have good adhesion properties. They stick to almost any applied surface. Polyurethanes have high dimensional stability. They do not expand between -30 and +80 ° C and do not separate from the surface they adhere to. 3- Polyurethanes are long-lasting insulation materials. Conductivity values ​​increase to = 0.0025 - 0.0027 Watt / Kh. 4- Polyurethanes do not produce bacteria, do not rot, do not smell, and are modern and technological products with hygienic properties. In this sense, these products are environmentally friendly products. For these reasons, especially in the automobile industry, transportation, cooling, insulation, furniture, electronics, industry parts production, shoe sole and health sector (biocompatible).

Membrane surface coating technology

Some MDF parts of our products are covered with special membrane surfaces using high technology. With this coating, it increases the color scale and gives an aesthetic appearance and a special texture.

Special Anodized Aluminum Around the Leaf

Our Leaf is covered with aluminium profiles; Our aluminium profiles are our own special designs, and these profiles provide an aesthetic appearance that does not change the standards by hiding rivets or screws.

Accessories and Mounting

After the leaf manufacturing, they are made suitable for their series with carefully selected parts in the accessories section.

Frame cutting and sizing

cutting and sizing are done with precise and up-to-date CNC machines.

Frame bending process

Galvanized steel is bent in CNC abkant machines, After the bending process, it is taken to the 45 degree cutting and leaf band.

Frame Gas weld

The joints of the cases we are assembling are cut at 45 degrees and combined with gas welding.

We are using polyester texture powder paint

We use polyester texture electrostatic paint and the paint we use has a QUALICOAT certificate and florida passed 4 seasons tests. It has passed 5 years of UV resistance and 1000 hours of salt test.

Special non-welded adjustable hinge

The connection of the wings of our doors to the frame is made with a hinge system without welding.

Tuana Molding Assembly

Tuana Pervaz Montajı | Tuana Molding Assembly